Max SN438J Joist Hanger Paper Tape Stick Nailer


  • Nose Design Exposes the Nail Tip to Allow the Precise Placement of Fasteners into Connector Holes
  • Denser Driver Blade Provides 1.7 Times more Durability than Competitive Tools
  • Thicker Contact Arm Provides Greater Protection from Breakage Due to Nail
  • Adjustable Rafter Hook Rotates 270° and Allows the Tool to be Hung on Rafters and Joists when It's not in use

  • Self-cleaning Filter for Reliable Operations

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Brand Max
Weight 5.00 lbs
Product Type Paper Tape Stick Nailer
Product Type Nailer
Max Diameter .148"
Min Diameter .131"
Max Length 1-1/2"
Min Length 1-1/2"
Job Type Framing
Industry Construction
Series JHP
Magazine Capacity 29
Air Inlet 1/4
Operating Pressure 70 - 120 psi