All-in-One Fastening System for all your Construction Needs

Being an expert in the construction industry, you understand the crucial role that high-quality products and a comprehensive system play in ensuring the job's quality and efficiency. 

Our fastening system is designed to cater to all your requirements, with a full range of the most popular products, packaging with a bold design and clear information, and industrial-grade quality that guarantee exceptional performance.


Industrial Grade Quality

  • Our tool line is known for its lightweight yet powerful design, enabling high-speed performance without the fatigue
  • Built to withstand heavy use and the most demanding work environments
  • Designed for the professional -  performs at higher speeds, increasing productivity and reducing downtime
  • Fasteners meet or exceed ASTM Standards  


Optimal Packaging

  • Clear Information Design
  • Heavy-duty materials for protection during shipping, handling, and storage
  • Vibrant color and design that is easily recognizable
  • Consistency in packaging design across entire line
  • Many smaller boxed items features a tab lock feature that opens and closes easily

Promotional Support

  • Tool Display Unit:
    We offer a rotating display unit designed for an organized showcase of CORUS® tools that fits in virtually any space. 
  • Events + Live Demos:
    We'll attend your vendor events, with an eye-catching booth and knowledgeable representatives providing product education and live product demonstrations to your customers.
  • Promotional Materials:
    We provide you with promotional and visual merchandising materials, reinforcing the CORUS® brand's presence in your store.
  • Marketing Efforts:
    Our marketing team strategically boosts CORUS® brand presence in the market through targeted initiatives to enhance recognition and drive engagement.


Want to Carry our Line?

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