Consistent Products, Service and Supply that Drive you Forward. 

Our driving force is simple: to be everything you need in your fastener supplier and more. We pride ourselves on delivering not just consistent products, service and supply, but also a team that is united under the same goal — to keep your operations moving without interruption. 


With Corus, you have:

  • Dependable on-site service with our fleet of service vans 
  • Fasteners that meet the highest quality assurance 
  • Full inventory of your most popular products 
  • Tools designed for maximum operation uptime
  • Rapid-response team that goes above and beyond for you



Industrial Grade Quality

  • Built to withstand heavy use and the most demanding work environments
  • Designed for high-volume operations -  performs at higher speeds, increasing productivity and reducing downtime
  • Fasteners meet or exceed ASTM Standards  


Rapid-Response Partners

Our team is there when you need us. Weather you're out of product or need urgent service, we're there to keep you going. 

  • Dependable weekly or monthly scheduled service
  • Rapid response: Able to meet urgent demands
  • Fully stocked parts department 


Featured Products 




The Complete System

Learn how the right nailing equipment can improve your productivity by 14% or more and grow your pallet business. 

Years of experience, innovative research and development, along with unique and proprietary high-tech components have produced pallet nailers that are the most advanced of their kind.

We've worked hard and made the investments to deliver nail guns that are truly exceptional, redefining standards for durability and productivity that are unparalled by any other  nailers in the industry. 


Tried & True Blue Performance

  • The PL-670SA.1, our most popular nailer for 2" x .099" screw nails, weighs more than a pound less than competing nailers yet has greater driving power.
  • Our tools consistently have greater power-to-weigh ratios than any other tools in the industry.
  • Larger magazine capacity for greater production speed
  • Durability-engineered components such as a heavy duty aluminum alloy body





My work crews love the light weight guns and how easy they are to work with. Very low

downtime due to mechanical failures. Our overall production numbers show a direct

improvement with the Corus coil nailers.

Pallet Manufacturer

Corus has consistently provided a level of service

that is unmatched across our vendor base. 

Joe Musco

Springfield Lumber, President

West Springfield, MA

When we switched to the Corus nail guns, we saved about an hour a day of production time. The savings have been huge! Plus, Corus's service has been really great. We are very happy.

Pallet Manufacturer

We’ve used seven different guns over the last 18 years. Hands down, the modern technology Corus nailers are the hardest driving, best working guns we’ve ever used.

Pallet Manufacturer

Extremely happy with the quality of their

products and their customer service.

Robert Veloso

Supplies Master,

Long Branch NJ

Our workers are handling these guns eight hours a day, so a pound or two lighter is significant over the course of eight hours. In addition to being lighter, it is quieter by about 5-10 decibels per shot compared to conventional guns.

Pallet Manufacturer

Seamless ordering, exceptional quality, and

customer service is always a call away if needed.

Kristin Lemachko

Sales Manager

Domain Flooring

Milford, CT





For the people on our team, service really means something. We've come to know our customers so well and take pride in going out of our way to solve problems and make sure to keep them up and running. 

As a company built on long-standing relationships, we have come to know our customers and their businesses very well. We care about our customers like they were a part of our family. 

Thus the spirit of service comes naturally to us, and our team always goes out of their way to solve any concerns that might come up.

We provide onsite service throughout the New England and Mid-Atlantic states with our fleet of service vans.  Our in-house service department repairs tools sent to us from across the country.

Loaner tool programs are available.

Maximum Uptime

We understand job productivity and the importance of maintaining uptime on your operations. So we take pride in getting products delivered to you quickly and keeping your tools running smoothly.

Quality Repairs

Repairs are done by highly experienced trained technicians. All tools go though a complete inspection of all components, thorough cleaning, lubrication, and complete testing for performance and safety.

Relationships that Matter

Our commitment to our customers is of ultimate importance. Our entire staff works toward the same goal - to provide an amazing experience.