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Our driving force is simple: to be everything you need in your fastener supplier and more. We pride ourselves on delivering not just consistent products, service and supply, but also a team that is united under the same goal: to keep your operations moving without interruption. 


With Corus, you have:

  • Dependable on-site service with our fleet of service vans 
  • Fasteners that meet the highest quality assurance 
  • Full inventory of your most popular products 
  • Tools developed for maximum uptime
  • Rapid-response team that goes above and beyond for you



Industrial Grade Quality

  • Built to withstand heavy use and the most demanding work environments
  • Designed for high-volume operations -  performs at higher speeds, increasing productivity and reducing downtime
  • Fasteners meet or exceed ASTM Standards  


Rapid-Response Partners

Our team is there when you need us. Weather you're out of product or need urgent service, we're there to keep you going. 

  • Dependable weekly or monthly scheduled service
  • Rapid response: Able to meet urgent demands
  • Fully stocked parts department 


Featured Products 





XT™  Galvanization provides double the protection compared to Hot Dipped Galvanization.

What makes XT™ Galvanization coating unique is the tight joining of the baked ceramic top coating and the chemical conversion film that results in a cross-linking effect. These three layers are bonded together with the metallic zinc layer through chemical reactions. This distinctive method of combining layers creates a rigid and dense combination of coating films.


XT™ Galvanization consists of three layers:

  • First Layer: A metallic zinc coating forms the initial line of defense, shielding against corrosive elements.
  • Second Layer: A specialized chemical conversion coating that enhances the protective properties, fortifying their resistance to adverse enviromental factors.
  • Third Layer: The rustproof layer adds an additional dimension of durability due to the baking process, ensuring prolonged metal integrity.

Salt Spray Test


“Corus has consistently provided a level of service

that is unmatched across our vendor base.” 

Joe Musco

Springfield Lumber, President

West Springfield, MA

"Extremely happy with the quality of their

products and their customer service."

Robert Veloso

Supplies Master,

Long Branch NJ

Seamless ordering, exceptional quality, and customer

service is always a call away if needed. 

Kristin Lemachko

Sales Manager

Domain Flooring

Milford, CT