August 16, 2022

From Metropolitan and Tech to Corus - But Why?

We had outgrown our company name Metropolitan Staple and our product name Tech. After a lot of thought, we landed on the best possible name for both: Corus.

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Our Story

The Ties That Bind People and Businesses

In a way, what we do is simple: getting quality nails, staples and air tools to our customers when and where they need them. Getting this done right at the right price, with great on-site service, through global market and supply chain fluctuations, through thick and thin — that takes a bit of magic.

That magic comes from people. I look at our team and I see faces that have been around for 10, 20 years or more. I also see newer faces that are starting to change things in our traditional industry. In our customers’ teams and in ours, I see a similar pattern: people who stick around and work hard because they care. They care about a job well done.

My father was someone who got things done. I started working with him when I was ten, and all through high school and college, I was handling orders, doing deliveries, repairing tools, and becoming deeply involved in all aspects of the business.

Early on, I discovered the best way to get to know people and their business was in person. After years on the road becoming familiar with our customers, I also started traveling to connect with our supply partners in Europe and Asia. Since then, through regular visits to each one, I have become close to the people who make our products.

These relationships also create magic, helping us to grow our business, and to push the envelope in terms of innovation. Especially during tough market conditions, these relationships enable us to come through for our customers day in and day out.

Consistency applies to stock levels and product quality just as it does to service quality and relationships.

By being consistent, we make it easier for our customers to manage their businesses and succeed for their customers.

As vibrant today as it was 60 years ago, I see this caring spirit bringing people together: our employees, supply partners and customers working together as a real team to make things happen. To others, it might look like magic, but to us, it’s the only way we know how to work.

Howard Kastner

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out fasteners out fasteners

Our Fasteners

Quality and Stock Consistency You Can Plan Your Business On

Nails and staples are not all created equal. When it comes to quality and performance, each criteria of fastener quality impacts your team’s work efficiency and your end product’s ability to perform throughout its lifespan. Corus products meet or surpass ASTM standards. Dimensional tolerances, Mibant angle, withdrawal resistance, head diameter, zinc coating thickness — we pay painstaking attention to each of these standards and more.

Unlike many of our competitors who often change suppliers, we stay with the same manufacturing partners, year after year. So from one order to the next, you can count on our fasteners performing consistently to their specifications. To ensure the nails and staples you need most often are always in stock, we do advance forecasting and ensure redundancy across our network to better weather supply chain fluctuations without interruptions in our stock levels.

Unlike many of our competitors who often change suppliers, we stay with the same manufacturing partners, year after year.

Collaboration is key in all this, which is why we always travel to meet our manufacturers in person and really get to know them and their capabilities before agreeing to work with them. We subsequently return on a regular basis to maintain close relationships with every one of our partners — all part of how we work with our customers to keep their businesses going strong.

Our Tools our tools

Our Tools

Pushing Boundaries of Value and Productivity-Driven Innovation

There are many brands of pneumatic nailing and stapling tools out there, but only a few that professionals really count on. Corus is one those select few. Previously known under the name “Tech”, our tools have been gaining loyal followers since we introduced our first pallet nailer in 2009 — a proprietary lighter-weight design with greater power and a superior piston driver.

What’s a pound or two worth? Just ask your tool operators. Our customers tell us the difference often equals an hour of extra productivity over an eight hour shift. Multiply that by your number of operators over a year and you can start to appreciate the difference that Corus innovations bring to your business.

We are not tool generalists making many different types of tools. We make a select range of industrial grade pneumatic tools that have been optimized where it counts.

We make a select range of industrial grade pneumatic tools that have been optimized where it counts.

Our tools feature better power-to-weight ratios, superior durability to stand up to tough environments, and application-specific features that go head-to-head with the biggest brands on the market. Each gun is designed to perform optimally with the nails and staples we sell, so there’s no guesswork.

Corus tools deliver exceptional value for your money and are backed by a company with a 60-year history. If there is anything you’d like to know about how our tools and fasteners will perform for your job application, just talk to our sales team.

Our Service Our Service

Our Service

What Service Means to Us

For the people in our team, service really means something because they’ve come to know our customers so well. They go out of their way to solve problems and keep them up and running. 

We understand job productivity and the importance of maintaining uptime on your operations. So we take pride in getting products delivered to you quickly and keeping your tools running smoothly.

Our Team our team

Our Team

The Power of Conversation

You gather a few people from our team in a room together and it doesn’t take long for the room to start buzzing. Why? Because these professionals have well-founded opinions and interesting personalities — it’s just part of our culture.

Talk to any of our people for a few minutes and you’ll start to understand that talking leads to the best possible advice on wood fastening products, tools and solution options. The Corus account team has some of the most experienced nailing and stapling professionals in the business. They like nothing more than walking you through all the in’s and out’s of how our tools and fasteners would work for your application.

Many of our customers love chatting with our staff, because by taking the time, they’re also building a connection they know they can count on.

Got an urgent order? Situations like these are where our people really shine. If there’s a way to move mountains, they will make it happen.

Many of our customers love chatting with our staff because by taking the time, they’re also building a connection they know they can count on. This is all part of the spirit of caring about our customers and their business that we’ve always celebrated here at Corus.

Our Customers

Honoring The Work

We have many long-standing customers — some of whom have been with us since the 1970s. So we’ve come to know them, their business, and what they need to get their work done right.

Whether it’s building the pallets that keep our essential distribution systems moving, building new houses or sheds, cabinets, furniture or fences, there's always good hard work involved. That’s why we felt it was important to capture the work and the people that do it in photos — as our way of honoring it.

What They Have To Say

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