Max SN883RH3 Framing Plastic Stick Nailer

  • Self-cleaning filter for reliable operations
  • Pointy teeth on the contact arm allows users to get a firm grip when toe-nailing
  • Tangle free swivel fitting prevents tangling of the hose
  • Heavy-duty rafter hook gives the convenience of hanging tool on rafters
  • Easily fits in between studs - At 11-7/8," it's 30% shorter than conventional tools
  • Easy switchable trigger - has a sequential trigger installed and also includes a contact fire trigger.
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Weight7.90 (lbs)
Product TypePlastic Stick Nailer
Product TypeNailer
Max Diameter.148"
Min Diameter.113"
Max Length3-1/4"
Min Length2"
Job TypeFraming
IndustryConstruction, Sheds + Gazebos
Magazine Capacity64 nails
Operating Pressure70-120 psi
Gauge Size21


Construction, Sheds + Gazebos